FAQ: frequently asked questions at a glance

• Is there free wifi in the museum?
Free wifi is provided in the visitor center; this is the reception building with the shop. There is no WiFi on the abbey site itself nor in the museum rooms.

• Can I bring my dog?
Your four-legged friend is only allowed on the abbey site. Not in the museum. Unless it concerns a guide dog; he can of course accompany his owner to help.

• Is there a place to eat or drink something?
The museum café, our 'Guesthouse', is only open during opening hours in the summer months of July and August. There is a drinks menu, but no food menu. We would also like to refer you - all year round - to the Sint-Idesbald brewery in Koksijde. You can taste our abbey beer on the site of Ten Bogaerde, a former abbey farm of the Abbey of the Dunes.

• Can I pay electronically?
You can pay with bancontact at our reception and in our shop. Also in the cafeteria during July and August.

• Can I only visit the abbey site with its garden and ruins and not the museum?
Yes, you can! A visit to the abbey site (without the museum) is free of charge.

• Is a visit to the abbey site paying?
A visit to the abbey site with its garden and the ruins is included in your museum ticket and is therefore payable. There are many advantageous rates that you may be entitled to. View our prices here.

• Can I have a picnic on the abbey site?
Of course! Picnic benches are provided on the museum grounds outside. So feel free to bring your picnic. You can also picnic on the lawn at the visitor center. Always dispose your waste in the provided bins. Thank you!

• Can I take pictures in the museum?
This is allowed, so definitely bring out your smartphone or camera, but please do not use a flash, out of respect for the museum collection.

• Is the abbey site always open together with the museum?
That is the case during our opening hours. Only with strong winds from 6 Beaufort, we have to close the abbey site as a precaution: because of the high trees, we do not take any risks for the safety of our visitors.

• Is there a bicycle shed?
Near the entrance there is a covered bicycle shed.

• Can I charge my electric bicycle at the bicycle shed?
No, there is no charging point provided. It is therefore best that you have some battery energy left when you arrive at the museum.

• Can I charge my electric car during my museum visit?
No, there is no charging point for electric cars.

• Approximately how much time should I allow to visit the museum and the abbey site?
We recommend that you allow about two hours.

• Is the museum accessible for wheelchair users?
The entire museum is wheelchair accessible. The outside part is more difficult; you might need some help there. 

• Is the outdoor area accessible for wheelchair users?
The abbey site with its garden and the ruins are more difficult to access for wheelchair users. There is a paved shell path that takes you to the ruins. In general, we see that this is possible with the help of a supervisor. Be sure to take a look at the Accessible Flanders website for more information.

• Is the museum accessible by public transport?
Yes, you can reach us perfectly by train, tram and/or bus. More info on this page.

• Is there an audio guide?
No audio guides are provided. In the museum itself there are several interactive setups where you can hear audio.

• Is there a combi ticket to also visit the mill?
There is no combination ticket, you reserve two separate tickets.