Discover astonishing 'Signs and Symbols' of the Dune Lords in the Abbey Museum. At the beginning of 2020, the public massively preferred this theme for the exhibition of the Abbey Museum in 2021. The plans were changed due to, among other things, corona and new priorities. Now the museum is presenting an adapted set-up, with special attention to its own extensive collection. Some pieces are exhibited for the first time.

Signs can be found everywhere in our daily life. That was no different in the middle ages. Humans have used them for centuries as a means of communication. But they are not always unambiguous. And its meaning also sometimes changes over the years.

Discover the many signs and symbols that you may have never noticed in the museum. Get to know their function and be amazed by the mystery of the past. Discover and experience the fascinating world of the Dune Lords and the rich collection of the Abbey Museum, an inexhaustible source of stories and mystery…

You can discover the new 'Signs & Symbols' exhibit in the Abbey until 9 January 2022.